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Solusi Connect was formed by more than 200 Former Solusi university students and is driven by a burning desire to bring all Solusi University graduates and grandaunts to work together as a team.

Mission Statement

Solusi Connect is there to provide former and current Solusi University students with strategic partnerships and mutually beneficial relationships across all business lines. We aim to work as a team in order to foster creativity and innovation, blend complementary strengths and provide greater flexibility in the business environment. None of us is as smart as all of us.

Our motto:

To keep exploring in order to open minds


We envisage a global village for the entire Solusi University (former and current) family.


  • Share business ideas and start businesses together
  • Share business contracts or organise ourselves for a particular contract/opportunity.
  • Facilitate group or crowdfunding
  • Support each other’s business and take advantage of our numbers to promote our businesses
  • Networking and connecting each other
  • Provide employment opportunities for each other including attachment for current students and employment for graduates
  • Help each other in difficult moments. (Death, sickness, breakdown etc) we are human at the end of the day.

Our Core Values:

We are guided by Solusi University Values []

The strategy:

Through Solusi Connect we are going to be creating a database. We want to know who you are, where you are, what you do professionally, what services you offer and what your company does. We will do this through an E-directory on this platform.

About the E-directory

The primary purpose of the directory is to tell others about your business and your services and hopefully turn them into customers.

On this platform, members will get new contacts and referrals, visibility, staying current, Problem solving, sharing knowledge and experience, Confidence and morale as well as current business news. Our mantra is, why trouble yourself when you can connect on Solusi Connect.

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